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Veil of the hopeful virgin

I am not ment to have a best friend.
I scare them away.
I betray them.
I turn my back when I need them most.
I end up not trusting them in the end.
I disappear hoping they will follow, and when they don’t I cry myself to sleep understanding what I’ve done and accepting it in one motion.
When I see them out with someone else acting like we used to, then I close my eyes.
This is a routine I’ve developed.
I become too boring so I lie and make it interesting by bullshitting my way till there is no real part of me left.
Then when I know they start to see through it, I run and don’t look back.




A simple PSA, lest your tail-sporting character look like they’re walking around with a really long poop hanging out of their pants.

I usually don’t comment on these things, but both are wrong (even though this is a fictional concept anyway). The tailbone doesn’t come out of the spine above the pelvis. 

The coccyx/tail bone/caudal vertebrae (take your pick) come off the sacrum and technically protrude right above the rectum in most, if not all animals, including humans.  So generally where there’s a tail in the animal world, there’s a butthole right below it.





…unless we’re talking vestigial human tails, which are formed from the distal remnants of the nonvertebrate embryonic tail and since they are boneless, can appear in a multitude of spots and in a variety of shapes:

Just food for thought.  

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